We specialize in making it easier for our clients to work withremote teams. All our engineers are Senior, and are locatedmostly in Argentina and rest of Latam, which ensures quality and proximity in terms of timezone, culture, and even physically if we compare ourengagements to other providers from Asia or Eastern Europe.

Our collaborators are a group of talented consultants sharing the same vision of a free, unlimited global workplace. We build dynamic and motivated teams, connecting companies and tech experts around the globe.




Boost your team by bringing in our best talents. Just tell us what expertise will complete your lineup and we’ll make sure you get the best fit.
Global Rabbits provides you individual engineers or a complete software development team that works under your guidance on an ongoing, full-time basis.
We take care of payroll, benefits and other HR overhead so you can focus on building great software.


We take over a whole project from beginning to end, providing frequent updates for you to follow up the progress and ensuring you get the exact product you’re looking for.


We specialize in web & hybrid mobile applications and we’re always eager to try new technologies and experiment with different tools and frameworks.


Core Leadership

Brent Williams

Brent Williams

Co-Founder / COO

Aldo Coria

Aldo Coria

Co-Founder / CEO

Aldo Coria

Maria Julia Conti

HR Manager

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